Academic Awards

Academic Awards

 CFUW Edmonton Academic Awards Fund Program

CFUW Edmonton began supporting female students at the University of Alberta in 1911 and has continued that philanthropy throughout its history.

CFUW Edmonton raises money through club activities, private donations and events, such as our annual fundraising luncheon. The CFUW Edmonton Academic Awards Fund is a registered Canadian charitable group and provides a charitable tax receipt for private donations to the Academic Awards Fund.

  • In 1971, CFUW Edmonton established a needs-based Bursaryprogram at the University of Alberta and, to date, has awarded $767,716 to 1,187 female students.
  • In 1985, the Margaret Brine Graduate Scholarship programwas established by CFUW Edmonton. Over the past 33 years, 112 female graduate students at the University of Alberta have earned a total of $370,500.
  • In 2010, for CFUW Edmonton’s 100th anniversary, a one-time $10,000 graduate scholarship was awarded.
  • Additionally, CFUW Edmonton endowed the CFUW Edmonton Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship. Awarded by the University of Alberta, this scholarship is contingent upon superior academic achievement and is awarded to two first-year students and two second-year students.
  • As of December 2017, CFUW Edmonton has awarded a total of $1,138,216 to students at the University of Alberta!

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In 1971, CFUW Edmonton established a needs-based bursary program at the University of Alberta. The bursaries are awarded in late fall of each year.

In November 2017, CFUW Edmonton members read applications, interviewed female students from the University of Alberta and awarded a total of $24,000 to 19 applicants.

Awards ranged in value from $100 to $2500, with the Margaret Brine Bursary awarded to a Master of Arts student in Gender Studies, the Frances McConnell Bursary awarded to a Bachelor of Education student and the Elsie Mitchell Newland Bursary awarded to a PhD student in Nursing.

Bursary eligibility and details

 Scholarship Program

Applications for the 2018 Margaret Brine Graduate Scholarships for Women are being accepted until the February 21, 2018 closure date.

Scholarship eligibility and details