Interest Groups 2023 - 2024

CFUW Edmonton has 11 interest groups, including two new groups, 'Indigenous Edmonton' and 'Parlons Français' . We have three choices for Book Clubs: Morning, Afternoon and Evening. There are 3 cuisine groups: Healthy Gourmet, Hospitality Cooking and Lunching Out. We have also the Afternoon Bridge Club, the Art for Fun Group and a Film group. If you have an idea for a new club, please contact Lynda Gibson, Interest Group Coordinator (

Art for Fun - Convenor Anne Valentine  

Afternoon Bridge - Convenor Sherri Eichhorn  

Morning Book Club - Convenor Edith Morgan 

Afternoon Readers - Convenor Sherri Eichhorn 

Evening Random Readers - Convenor Norma Kabaroff 

Film Group - Convenor Karen Lewis-Caron  

Healthy Gourmet - Convenors Audrey Keen & Judi Cook 

Hospitality Cooking -  Convenor Maureen Towns   

Lunching Out - Convenor Judi Cook

Indigenous Edmonton (New Group) - Convenor Helen Arnott 

Parlons Français (New Group) - Convenor Marcia Loder

CFUW national Interest Groups

Members of CFUW Edmonton are also members of the national CFUW and Graduate Women International with all the benefits and opportunities that come with membership. This includes the opportunity to join their interest groups.

CFUW offers some interest groups at the national level. These are organized/convened by CFUW members so are not accessed via the national webpage.

CFUW Reads Book Club (free)

CFUW Canada GWI Club (a fee is required to join this group)